Find your submitted hours, check approval status using our Airtable list.


1: Use the magnifying glass icon at the top, right-hand side of the list to enter your email address.  Any hours you have submitted will be shown grouped together.

2: View your total # of hours submitted by looking at the 'Sum' under 'HoursofService' in the header grouping row for your records.  The 'NumberofTerms' will also have a 'Sum' value that you can check.

3: If a particular submission has been approved by your supervisor, AND by Honors, you will see a green 'thumbs up' on the 'Approved by Honors' cell, and the date your submission was approved. This designation means that submission is counting toward your final civic requirements.

  • Remember: you need at least 50 hours over 3 or more semesters ALL marked with that green thumbs up.  After that is complete, your audit in Degree Works will be updated for the Honors Civic Engagement requirement.

View Your Submitted Hours