OttoTHON! For the Kids!

Erica Daley with 4 other OttoTHON volunteers

Erica Daley ‘24 was a member of this year’s OttoTHON Leadership Program. First year students raise money, advertise, promote, and organize OttoTHON–a 12 hour dance marathon that benefits the children at Upstate Golisano Hospital.

Erica said, “I am so thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with other dedicated first year students to help the children at Upstate Golisano. I walk past that hospital every day, and it means so much to see exactly what OttoTHON benefits. This experience showed me how much my efforts can impact the community around me. Seeing the bright smiles on all the children’s faces reminded me that all of the time spent and money raised was worth it. I will continue to look for this warm, happy feeling I got knowing I helped the children down the street from me in subsequent experiences. For The Kids! Always!”