No One Left Behind

Ryan Peiffer ‘22 created and scheduled social media content for the non-profit, No One Left Behind, in order to raise awareness and funds for translators from Iraq and Afghanistan who worked for the U.S. government and recently relocated to the United States. The work consisted of fundraisers that helped support the families needing financial support once they reached the U.S. as well as Congressional advocacy to urge policymakers to grant additional visas to the thousands of translators still under threat in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“I am shocked that I had not been aware of this issue in the past,” said Ryan. “There are so many families that are in desperate need of relocation, and though they worked for the U.S. government, Congress is still very restrictive in their ability to grant visas to these heroes. I have learned to look into issues in our world more deeply, as it is difficult to do in this digital age, but it is very important to our safety and our moral obligation as a privileged society to educate ourselves and do everything we can to raise awareness and protect those in need. In future civic engagement experiences, I will look for opportunities that show sensitivity to the subject matter and whose efforts are holistic in their aid of those in need.”