What I did this summer…

Keiya in South AmericaKeiya Akiyama (AS ’18) spent time in Central America during the summer of 2015 with VIDA Veterinary Program. He gained valuable professional experience and broadened his global awareness.

Keiya managed to make summer 2016 even more exciting by taking part in African Conservation Experience (ACE). Keiya traveled to South Africa where he “joined the practice and day-to-day activities of the wildlife veterinarian in the field and at the Blouberg Veterinary Clinic in Louis Trichardt.”

“I believe I was able to contribute to the communities and everyone who was involved in the field by helping not only the local vets, but also the technicians and other workers, capturing, treating, and assisting surgeries on different species of animals. I also learned much more than just about medicine throughout the trip. I was able to learn different cultural perspectives and also to share my own perspective with the locals.”

Keiya Akiyama with team capturing wild antelope