In Memory of Trevor Daley Pierce ’24

Trevor Pierce

We are sad to learn of the tragic passing of Trevor Pierce, a freshman student in the Honors Program.  Although Trevor had only just arrived at Syracuse University as a Freshman, he had engaged with his academics and interests. Trevor had already published a website about his experience, interests, and goals in his Honors Orientation Seminar class, and his goal was to share his passion for his home state, hiking, boarding of all kinds, and the outdoors. The list of Trevor's accomplishments and credentials was long, but we thought it would be the most impactful to share the opening statement on his website with the community.

May he rest in peace, and may his memory be a blessing.


Statement by Trevor Pierce '24

My name is Trevor - I'm a Political Philosophy Major at Cuse, and I'm really excited to be here.  Given that I'm from New Hampshire, which is completely rural and quiet, being at Syracuse is the exact opposite of what I'm used to.  I love city life for its energy, its diversity, and all the things to do here.  Even so, there are some things I miss from home.  I love to hike, and have tons of stories of treks my friends and I have done, like doing the AT from West Virginia back home, or our annual January trek through the Presidentials.  Weirdly enough, I miss speaking French; New Hampshire being so close to the border has a very strong French-Canadian population, and so where I'm from, many of us know and speak French on a regular basis.  I live right next to the second most climbed mountain in the world- Mt. Monadnock- and have hiked, climbed, and ran it at literally every hour of the day.   I guess you could call it privileged, but being away from home has given me perspective on how beautiful where I'm from actually is.  Although you'll be hard pressed to find a place above 3,000 residents, there's always something to look at or admire- something I hope to show you in my photography; I challenge anyone to find a state with a prettier autumn season than New Hampshire.  There's a space for most anything outdoors, from things on foot, on boards, or in ropes, all things I also hope to display here.  Even so, as much as I love home, I'm really looking forward to engrossing myself in what everyone else has to offer here, and the breadth of new experiences and backgrounds Syracuse has.