Submit Crown Award Documents and Receipts

Step 1: First things First: Read Me

Congratulations on your award! We know you have many questions about how to move forward, and we hope this document helps you prepare for the next steps.


  • Attend an Honors Information Session
  • Review and discuss Honors Funding Policy and revised budget with your faculty mentor
  • Obtain your faculty mentor’s signature to confirm budget revisions
  • Sign and upload signed Crown funding acknowledgement to the portal
  • Confirm direct deposit is set up through MySlice Bursars account
  • Read over the information below about general procedures and student expectations.


All expenses must be itemized in your revised/finalized budget proposal and approved by Honors Budget Manager. Any changes to the budget or purchases of equipment other than mentioned in the application must be approved by Honors and the student’s faculty mentor.

The university will not issue a reimbursement without an itemized receipt. All original copy receipts must be submitted with date, amount, vendor and itemized list of purchases. Please ensure that all receipts are well organized.

Submit all electronic receipts and an expense breakdown when turning in receipts to the portal. This will save time in resolving any possible discrepancies between the student’s calculated total and our records. Allow up to three (3) business days for Honors to review your reimbursement request. You will receive an email confirmation when paperwork has been submitted to issue your reimbursement check. Anticipate four to six weeks for the funds to be processed.



All lab supplies must be listed in the revised/finalized budget prior to transfer of funds. Funding will be coordinated between Honors and the faculty mentor's lab. Please provide the contact information for the department/lab budget manager so Honors can coordinate the transfer.


All software and subscriptions necessary for the Honors thesis will be eligible for reimbursement up until the student’s graduation date.


Any vendor contracts for services must be signed by all parties and invoices submitted to the portal.


Any reusable equipment that costs $100 or more (camera, voice recorder, etc.) is to be returned to Honors at the close of your project for use by future Honors students. Students have the option of purchasing the equipment if they choose to keep it for their personal use. Materials available through the SU library system are not eligible for reimbursement.


All Syracuse University travel and research policies apply to grant recipients. All travel expenses must be listed in the revised/finalized budget and itemized tickets/receipts must be provided. Mileage will be reimbursed up to the current IRS authorized mileage rate. All meal reimbursements must include an itemized receipt. Alcohol and tips over 20% will not be reimbursed. Students are encouraged to provide the University’s NYS tax exempt form to vendors when purchasing meals. Program fees and travel/expenditures unrelated to a student’s project will not be reimbursed.


Crown, Wise-Marcus SO-Year Friendship, and Lynne Parker Award recipients are obligated to fulfill and follow the instructions below:

  • If you receive other outside funding for the Thesis expenses outlined in your Crown budget, you must disclose that to the Honors Program.
  • Recipients of Honors Program awards are required to participate in the Annual Honors Research Fair held every October.
  • Honors Program award recipients are expected to complete their Thesis and the Honors Program requirements. In the unlikely event you do not complete Honors, we would need to discuss funding reimbursement.
  • Recipients are required to submit a short blog post (with a photo) describing their thesis project and the research that the funding has supported. This post is due one semester after you receive your award. Your photo and story may be featured in Honors and University publications unless you request otherwise.


To receive funding, a student's Bursar account cannot be negative. If a student owes money to any Syracuse University unit, the outstanding balance must be paid before receiving the award. The Honors Program is required to strictly adhere to and obey all University policy.

You will also need to set up Direct Deposit with the Bursar's office, and this can be done right in MySlice.

  1. Log into your MySlice account
  2. Look for the "Finances" section. It should be the place you go to view your student account, make payments, view holds etc...
  3. There will be an option for "View/Update My Direct Deposit"
  4. You'll be taken to a window where you will set up "Non-Payroll Direct Deposit"
  5. Follow all instructions to process this form (setting up your account information).

Step 2: Sign the Funding Agreement

Step 3: Upload Revised Budget Documents

Enter Expense Receipts

Submit Crown Profile

Attend a Required Information Session

We host two information sessions to review this funding policy and discuss the disbursement process and next steps.  As an award recipient, you are required to attend one of these sessions. Those will be scheduled soon and will be posted here.

Commonly asked questions about Crown reimbursements