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Attend the Senior Assembly

The Thesis Assembly for seniors is a required activity where we will discuss what you need to do during this year, including sharing updated information about funding sources available to you.  Of course, there will be time for questions.  This is also the assembly where we take pictures of you with your title card. The pictures you see on this site are from previous senior Thesis assemblies.

At this stage of your Thesis project, you should also set up regularly scheduled meetings with your faculty advisor (every two weeks or so), and set goals, month-by-month, for what you need to accomplish.

Kate Hanson leading a senior assembly thesis discussion

A senior assembly thesis discussion is a good way to connect with other students and have your questions answered.



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Templates and Formatting

Our style guide will walk you through the required components for a Thesis project.

Looking for the Thesis document template? Download it here

Looking for the title page template? Download it here 

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Finalize Drafts

At this point you should have already been working with your advisor to develop your draft of your written portion of your thesis. One of the crucial skills you will learn while writing your Thesis is how to be a better writer. The strategies you have used thus far to complete essays and term papers are likely to fail you in a project of this length.   Honors has a dedicated writing consultant who is available to help you develop your thesis, and to refine and strengthen your writing skills. You should take advantage of this service.

See the thesis timeline for a due date for this step, but as soon as you're confident that you're getting close (late March), you should submit your final draft or version of the complete project, including the Executive Summary, to your Advisor and Reader for last revisions and finishing touches.

Our templates and formatting section, above, will walk you through the components of your final thesis and how to formulate them.

Rae Ann Meriwether in a blue print sleeveless top smiling in front of a white birch treeFrom brainstorming and organizing ideas to producing a polished draft, Rae Ann is here to help. She can assist you with any writing, such as short assignments, essays, scholarship/grad school applications, and especially your Thesis Project. Rae Ann is a skilled editor and teacher. She will help you to produce a stronger paper and become a better writer. She will be setting up regular office hours in the Honors suite for fall semester, and we'll post those here. Also feel free to email her at

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Editing Process

Why an editing process?

In order to strengthen the quality of writing in students’ Thesis projects, Honors requires that you submit your completed project to an editor for review.

Deadlines, what to expect:

  • You should submit your Thesis for editing one week before your turn-in deadline. See the deadlines calendar for dates.
  • Editors will respond to students within a few days with one of the following messages:
    1. Your Thesis is ready to submit
    2. Your Thesis needs some editing before you can submit it (a list will be included)
    3. Your Thesis is not ready for submission. You will need to make an appointment with an editor.

Please be sure that you are simultaneously meeting the deadlines you’ve agreed upon with your faculty Advisor and Reader so that they receive your final drafts with sufficient time to offer feedback and approval in advance of turn-in.

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The Turn-in Process

There are multiple Thesis Turn In Days. See our events calendar for dates.

The "Best Thesis of the Year" in Humanities, Social Science, Science/Engineer, Professional Schools, and "Creative" categories each receive a $500 prize. One of those will be selected for the Orlin Prize for "Outstanding Thesis of the Year" and will receive an additional $1,000. Why not submit yours? All (and only) Thesis projects submitted by the spring prize deadline are eligible.

The Turn In Process

I. First, you'll need to take our exit/grad survey to proceed to the turn-in form.

II. Next, submit your Thesis via our turn-in form:

  • You will be asked to upload
    1.  Electronic version of your final written Thesis (10 MB limit),
    2. Any supplemental files to be uploaded (10 MB limit)
    3.  or links to large files that exceed the limits above, or supplemental materials (external websites, YouTube videos, Dropbox files etc...)

III.  Additional Materials: Required formats for media:

  • Magazine, photography, or book projects: in addition to the physical magazine or book itself, please provide electronic copies of layouts of magazines PDF format. For supplemental photos, please provide  images in any of the following formats: jpg, gif, png or any format that is accessible to Adobe CS.
  • Videos: submit a link to your video in the turn in form.
  • Audio: please submit a link to where your audio files can downloaded.

In those instances in which a project cannot be physically submitted (e.g. an art exhibit or website link), you should submit the text portion of your Thesis and provide links in the supplemental section of the turn-in form.

Looking for the title page template? Download it here 

Looking for the Thesis document template? Download it here

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Thesis Presentation

We host Presentation Days in December and May. Check the appropriate timeline for dates. In May, seniors will share their Thesis projects with each other and with the wider University community in concurrent sessions throughout the day. We host an Honors Café for lunch, which adds to the festivities.  Presenting on this day is an Honors requirement.

Many students have questions about presentation day. We’ve tried to answer the most common questions below, but please get in touch with your Honors Thesis Coordinator if you need further details!