An Honors Thesis Can be Anything You Want it to Be

Jackie Homan w/ thesis book

Jackie Homan, ’18, used her Crown Award Thesis funding to turn a two-year project into more than an essay: she published a book!  Her work is entitled “On the Record: Notes from 20 Powerful Women in Journalism,” and has a corresponding website, Her writing is aimed at high school and college students who want…

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Set Apart from the Rest

Anthe Syleniau

Anthe Stylianou used Crown funding to complete her Capstone entitled Characterizing Pitx2 Tooth Morphology and Candidate Genes of Axenfeld- Rieger Syndrome in Zebrafish. Her research focused on Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome (ARS), which is classified as a rare autosomal dominant disorder that includes defects in the eyes, teeth and craniofacial design. Her first goal was to discover…

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Networking and Innovation

Yejin Lee

Yejin Lee researched how to utilize already explored blockchain potentials as a guide to explore and introduce new potentials in blockchain for supply chain in omni-channels. Her Crown Award funding allowed her to attend two very-exclusive conferences, where only top blockchain researchers and leaders congregated. She was not only able to gain insights and research…

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Concrete, So Sweet!

Concrete, So Sweet! by: Anna Feldman Steven Carlson (SOA ’17) completed his Architecture Capstone under the advisement of Nicole McIntosh. Concrete, So Sweet! A Study in Sustainable Durability seeks to counter concrete’s perception as uninviting and environmentally irresponsible by highlighting its ability to create buildings that are playful and sustainable in their durability. The ambitions…

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Using Your Personal Story

Using Your Personal Story By Giovanna Saccoccio You might hear your professors say that your personal story is your best asset and needs to be integrated in your scholarship. Through her Capstone, Hasmik Djoulakian (AS ‘17) fully understood the weight and power of bringing poetry about her personal life into her academic analysis. Hasmik’s Capstone,…

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Adrift in the Abstract

Stephen Sorokanich III (AS ’15) completed a Capstone in mathematics and physics and worked with Prof. Leonid Kovalev as his advisor. His Capstone is entitled, Geometry of Hilbert Space Frames. Stephen has a lot of advice for math students in Honors, so I’m going to turn the stage right over to him: While the scientist has a…

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To All Engineers: I did it, and so can you!

Gianna M. Curcio’s (EC ’14) Capstone resides within the field of Aging and Rehabilitation Engineering. After surveying city sidewalks, family gatherings, and hospital waiting rooms, Gianna saw the abundant need for more effective mobility aids.  Gianna’s project sought to redesign the walker from both her mechanical engineering and sculptural perspectives. Her advice to begin before junior…

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Confounding Moments

In order to complete her Capstone, “Bidirectional Influence of Epinephrine on Hippocampal LTP via β-Adrenergic Receptors”, Georgia Christine Buscaglia (AS ’14) spent countless hours in the lab. Scientific research has its own unique challenges, and Georgia has some suggestions for how to stay the course when the course seems to evade you. Having been working…

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Topic Choice and Timing is Everything

Emma Van Wagenberg (MG ’14) was a finance major with a political science minor. She combined her interests in an interdisciplinary Capstone entitled, “The Nature of Lessons Learned from Argentina’s 2001 Financial Crisis”. Her advice to select a topic that plays to your interests and strengths is well worth heeding. My best advice for future Honors…

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