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Congratulations to

Talia Trackim

Arts & Sciences

Graphic design.

Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Renée Stevens

Thesis Title:

The Happy Bakery: Creating an accessible experience for people with chronic illnesses and food allergies|

Talia Trackim

The Happy Bakery is a gluten- and allergy-free bakery that aims to be a safe haven for people suffering from Celiac disease, food allergies, and other autoimmune disorders. The Bakery is a dedicated gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, soy, fish, and shellfish-free facility. In addition to serving gluten- and allergy-free baked goods, The Happy Bakery also serves as an educational and advocacy resource for Celiac disease and allergy awareness, including the importance of food labeling, accessibility, and avoiding cross-contamination.

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College of Arts & Sciences 2021, Creative Projects 2021, 2021