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Scott Greenblatt

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Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Patrick MacDougall

Thesis Title:

From Idea to iTunes: The Interdisciplinary Process of Writing, Recording and Distributing an Album as an Independent Artist

This project explores the complex process that independent artists undergo to release a full-length album, from the earliest stages of conceptualizing a handful of songs to the final stages of mixing, mastering and distributing the completed project. Between writing, recording, producing and promoting my original music throughout the course of my undergraduate experience, I have analyzed the interdisciplinary nature of the album release process in the age of streaming, ultimately recognizing that having a strong network of collaborators is crucial to the success of a release, even as a solo artist. In creating this project, I improved upon my lyric writing and songwriting, learned new recording techniques and familiarized myself with all aspects of studio workflow, honed my leadership skills as a musician and collaborator, and became more proficient across a variety of different creative software. Additionally, I had to navigate all of this while adapting to unexpected road bumps that were brought forth by the pandemic. The end result is Where I Left Off, an album of eight songs that encapsulates my time spent at Syracuse University.

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Creative Projects 2021, Newhouse School of Public Communications 2021, 2021