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Ritu Sadarangani



Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Beth Egan

Thesis Title:

Navigating the Media Industry During a Pandemic: A Virtual Internship Experience

Ritu Sadarangani

This thesis describes my personal experience as a young professional navigating the marketing and advertising industry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic through a virtual internship at a media agency. During a 10-week program, I completed client work, intern programming, industry research, and professional networking. This real-world experience allowed me to not only reflect on my personal and professional journey, but to also assess the impact the pandemic had on media and propose new methods for resurgence of the industry.

Thank you so much to Beth Egan, my thesis advisor, and Alicin Welsh, my thesis reader, for guiding me through this project. I am so grateful for my internship team, friends, and family for supporting me through this journey.

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Professional Programs Projects 2021, Whitman School of Management 2021, 2021