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Nicholas Sawyer

Arts & Sciences


Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Ross

Thesis Title:

Regulation of UBQLN2 Liquid-Liquid phase separation through analysis of environmental biological and abiotic factors

Nicholas Sawyer

. In this study, we explore the external factors which promote or hinder liquid-liquid phase separation in a UBQLN2 solution. We have done this through a series of experiments using varying NaCl concentration, urease concentration, and urea concentration. The regulation of urease, and its substrate, urea, is tremendously important to us as it is a novel factor that contributes a constant mixing of the environment offering a more accurate simulation of the inside of a cell. Through an understanding of the factors that affect UBQLN2 LLPS we may be able to further investigate a cure for neurodegenerative disease.

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College of Arts & Sciences 2021, Natural Science & Engineering Projects 2021, 2021