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Mackenzie Sammeth

Public Communictions

Television, Radio, Film

Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Keith Giglio

Thesis Title:

Breaking the Cycle

Mackenzie Sammeth

Breaking The Cycle is a project born out of my desire to create comedic content that also has a deeper message about our society and the ways in which it could be improved. The story follows Bailey, an exonerated woman who was accused of murdering the man she was having an affair with. When she is proven not guilty, she is thrilled to be leaving prison and returning to her family, only to realize that her husband is still incredibly hurt that she cheated on him. He kicks her out of the house and refuses to let her reconnect with her daughter, but this does not dampen Bailey's spirits. She decides to move back in with her father and take up a job at his auto-shop to prove to her husband that she is a mature, changed woman.

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Creative Projects 2021, Newhouse School of Public Communications 2021, 2021