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Lujane Juburi

Arts & Sciences


Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Kenneth Baynes

Thesis Title:

Evaluating the 'Logic of the Firms' Impact on Economic Freedom Through the Application of Negative, Positive, and Republican Liberty.

Lujane Juburi

Libertarians employ the theory of the firm to justify the establishment of a hierarchical workplace structure despite its limitation of the workers liberty. By applying three conceptions of liberty; negative, positive, and republican to the economic relationship between the worker and employer, this paper evaluates whether the libertarian endorsement of the theory of the firm and the broader capitalist economic system is justified on grounds of liberty enhancement. Engaging with arguments grounded in each of the three conceptions of liberty, the paper concludes that the capitalist structure of the theory of the firm cannot be justified by appealing to its capacity to enhance people's liberty. Instead, the paper urges the endorsement of workplace democracy in its various interpretation.

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College of Arts & Sciences 2021, Humanities Projects 2021, 2021