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Lauren Miller

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Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Amy Toensing

Thesis Title:

35 Lives, 33 Years: Bound by collective grief then and now

Lauren Miller

35 Lives, 33 Years is an art exhibition of 35 current Syracuse student artists' impressions of the 35 original Syracuse students who were killed in the state-sponsored terrorist attack flight Pan Am 103 on December 21, 1988. These students were a lot like us, they missed trains, dreamt of being famous artists and tried to live fully in this weird twilight between adulthood and childhood. In years to come the massive hole that was left in the wake of the attack, continued to deeply, profoundly and collectively impact our community. 33 years later, we are again in the midst of a time tipped sideways because of the pandemic. It could be the senior year that never was, a loved one missing from the next family gathering or a feeling of hopelessness and exhaustion. While this feeling of grief caused by the pandemic can be extremely isolating, we are also all bound in it together. This exhibition was meant to both honor the students as well as create a space to talk about, reflect on and connect across the collective grief and loss across the 33 years.

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Creative Projects 2021, Newhouse School of Public Communications 2021, 2021