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Lainey Muller

Arts & Sciences

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Soren Lowell

Thesis Title:

Respiratory and Laryngeal Training for Dysphonia

Lainey Muller

This thesis focuses on two interventions for individuals diagnosed with muscle tension dysphonia (MTD). The research conducted was to determine the effects of isolated respiratory-based training and respiratory plus laryngeal-based training on speech breathing behavior and acoustic measures of voice in people with MTD. The results of this research for the single participant addressed in this Honor's thesis project showed that there was gradual improvement in two respiratory measures after respiratory-based training alone, with further improvement evidenced when laryngeal-based training was added.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the development process of this thesis. I especially like to thank Dr. Soren Lowell, Dr. Fethi Keles, as well as my parents for supporting me during my college experience.

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College of Arts & Sciences 2021, Natural Science & Engineering Projects 2021, 2021