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Kelly Garcia

Arts & Sciences

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Preston

Thesis Title:

Relationship between Phonological Awareness and Speech Perception in School-Age Children with and without Residual Speech Sound Disorders

Kelly Garcia

This study investigates how speech perception and phonological awareness (PA) are related in children with residual speech sound disorders (RSSD), and how this relationship may differ in children with typical speech (TS). RSSD involve deficits in the production of children's speech that persist past 8 years old. Speech perception skills were tested using a categorical perception task, which involved the children classifying synthetic speech sounds. PA skills were tested using the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing-Second Edition. The results of this study did not find that the RSSD cohort at the group level performed more poorly on the rake-wake speech perception task than the TS group. However, the results of the study found a difference of PA skills between the two groups. Special thanks to my Honors Thesis advisor, Dr. Jonathan Preston for all of the valuable feedback and guidance throughout my years in the Speech Production Lab.

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