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Joseph DeBlasio

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Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Ken Harper

Thesis Title:

Every Click Matters: YouTube and Making a Living||

Joseph DeBlasio

This paper contains a full review of how YouTube has given people and brands the opportunity to make money via their platform. This paper discusses not only how YouTube has grown since its founding in 2005, but also how it has revolutionized how people and brands share information and produce an income through this form of media. It also explores the positives and negatives of YouTube and how these positives and negatives affect the users that want to use the platform as a primary source of income. The profession of a ""YouTuber"" did not exist ten years ago and I plan to explain how people have adopted the platform as not just a way to share videos on various topics, but also how they use it to make money. YouTube was also not a platform brands could advertise on ten years ago and I plan to explain how YouTube has transformed the landscape of advertising. This paper will cover the perspectives of both the user and the advertiser.|

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Newhouse School of Public Communications 2021, Professional Programs Projects 2021, 2021