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Congratulations to

Eva Scott

Falk College

Nutrition Science

Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Margaret Voss

Thesis Title:

The Reintroduction of a Sustainable and Nutritious Food Source: the American Chestnut

Eva Scott

The foods people eat affect not only their own health but also the health of the environment. As climate change continues to damage ecosystems and noncommunicable diseases threaten people's lives, the development of sustainable and healthy food practices should be a priority. This project explores the feasibility of restoring a sustainable native food source, the American chestnut, and its impact on human nutrition and the environment. Recipes were developed using chestnut flour as a sustainable alternative to wheat flour to determine its nutritional benefits. These recipes may serve as a resource for people to understand how to incorporate chestnuts into their diet, and provide an example to how popular recipes may be manipulated in a healthier, sustainable way without sacrificing the enjoyment of food.

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Falk College of Sport & Human Dynamics 2021, Natural Science & Engineering Projects 2021, 2021