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Dhvani Doshi



Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Kyle Miller

Thesis Title:

Spatial Agency: Rethinking Informal Architecture

Christian Pilarski

This thesis aims to analyze and support the spatial and cultural lifestyle of street vendors. It focuses on research about materials and techniques used by hawkers to construct ad hoc spaces to earn a living on the streets because of the increasing number of insufficient affordable resources and spaces in the city of Mumbai. With a conscious understanding and application of ad hoc temporary constructions, there starts to exist a legitimized spatial system of hawking. These spaces show the temporal, kinetic Spatial Agency within a permanent, static urban neighborhood.

An in-depth research about existing precedents enabled us to carefully study the various assemblages of construction and usage of materials for creating ad hoc spatial conditions. Learning from the ideologies of adhocism was an important aspect of designing a space for hawkers to occupy and thrive in within Mumbai's existing built environment.

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Honors FundingSOURCE Grant


Creative Projects 2021, School of Architecture 2021, 2021