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Caroline Veraldo

School of Education

Inclusive Elementary and Special Education

Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Beth Myers

Thesis Title:

Shaping a Philosophy of Culturally Relevant Education: An Auto-ethnography of a Pre-Service Teacher

Caroline Veraldo

Throughout my time in the Inclusive Education Program at Syracuse, I have had numerous valuable opportunities to become familiar with both the ""good"" and the ""bad"" of the American public education system. Through both explicit classroom instruction and observation in multiple field placement experiences, I now have the knowledge, capability, and need to reflect on my past educational opinions and experiences through a critical lens in order to form my own ideas and philosophy of education to implement in my future classroom as I enter the field of teaching myself. My goal of this autoethnography was to analyze my past and current experiences and ideas of the American educational system and, through a critical and reflective narrative lens, refine these ideas to become a more inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist teacher for my prospective students.

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