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Bronwyn Galloway

Arts & Sciences

Russian Language, Literature & Culture

Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Erika Haber

Thesis Title:

Russian Caviar: A Delicacy in Jeopardy

Bronwyn Galloway


My thesis explores the significance of caviar in Russian foodways and outlines the historical factors that led to the decimated state of sturgeon populations worldwide. I chronicle caviar's rise from a fish by-product fed to livestock to a symbol of luxury. The fate of sturgeon caviar as we know it is in jeopardy as a result of habitat destruction and overfishing. The international scientific community has presented several plans of action to save sturgeon from extinction, including investing in roe from other species of fish and lab-created artificial caviar. My research examines scientific analyses together with sources aimed at general audiences to provide a comprehensive overview of the history and current state of the global caviar industry. I argue for a holistic approach to the issue that highlights larger ecological concerns, and demonstrate that combining multiple strategies will give conservationists the best chance of ensuring the survival of sturgeon populations.


A huge thank you to my incredible Thesis Advisor, Professor Haber, and my Reader, Professor Kiernan, for supporting me throughout the thesis process and being so generous with their time. Thank you as well to the Renée Crown Honors Program and The SOURCE at Syracuse University for assisting me on this journey.

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College of Arts & Sciences 2021, Humanities Projects 2021, 2021