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Bobbi Whitney

Information Studies

Information Management & Technology

Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Stromer-Galley

Thesis Title:

Challenging the Stigma of Emotional Intelligence in STEM Majors

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Whether it be Sheldon from the popular TV series Big Bang Theory, or someone as simple as the cartoon character Jimmy Neutron in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. There are unlimited examples of geeks and nerds in popular media. All of these stereotypical science and technology nerdy characters all tend to have one thing in common -- being (while maybe in an endearing way), at least a little awkward. These characters tend to struggle to develop relationships with people, read others emotions and social situations, and sometimes even display an inability to articulate their own feelings. Now, if we look into our everyday lives, does this stereotype stand? This project aims to find out. Via surveying around 300 participants, this research aims to uncover: is there a relationship between emotional intelligence and a person's industry of choice (field of study, job, etc)?

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Honors Development Grant


School of Information Studies 2021, Social Science Projects 2021, 2021