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Ailla Bishop

Engineering & Computer Science


Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor: Douglas Yung

Thesis Title:

Tremor Characterization: Determining the Severity of Tremors Based on Motion

Ailla Bishop

My goal for this project was to create a device that would enable individuals to characterize the severity of hand tremors that are brought on by Parkinson's Disease. My interest in this particular problem arose when I discovered a lack of a standardized and reproducible method of tremor quantification and characterization in a clinical setting. As of today, there are no pre-existing diagnostic methods that allow for the severity of Parkinson's hand tremors to be characterized independently of human subjectivity. The lack of standardization and reproducibility in the pre-existing methods of characterization result in the same solutions being distributed to every affected individual. While these solutions grant individuals with temporary relief from their tremors, they are a "blanket" solution. These solutions may not work for every individual given the nonlinearity and uncertainty of the tremors that can be brought on by this disease. By creating a device that allows for a standardized and reproducible method of tremor severity characterization, there is potential for advancements to be made by personalizing treatments for individuals living with Parkinson's.

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College of Engineering & Computer Science 2021, Natural Science & Engineering Projects 2021, 2021