1: Apply for a Funding Opportunity

Which form do I fill out?

On the tabs to the left you'll find applications for different types of funding.  How to know which one to use?


Development Grants: Honors Development Grants provide one-time funding of up to $1,000.00 to Honors students in good standing, to defray the costs of participating in academic conferences and professional development activities. Do not use this form to apply for Abroad travel funding.  


Study Abroad Grants: Use this form to apply for one-time funding of up to $ 1,500.00 to help defray the costs of participating in study abroad programs. These funds will be used to lessen travel expenses associated with travelling to and from the study abroad destination (airfare, trainfare etc...)


Internships: Apply for this one only if you will be doing an internship. The Honors Internship Award is intended to provide support of up to $3,500.00 to Honors students engaged in a part- or full-time internship or equivalent professional enrichment, which is unpaid or modestly compensated.


Award & Grant Report: This is to be filled out after you've used funding from Honors for your professional development, Thesis research, or Internship.  You will be asked to fill this out upon completion of your activity.  We may use this information to communicate back to donors & sponsors how we are using their gifts to support Honors students.

Development Grant

Study Abroad Grant

Internship Grant

2: Submit Expenses for Existing Grants

Submit Expenses

Use the appropriate expense form for your award to submit your expense receipts to the Honors Program.

Use the expense form that is appropriate to the type of funding you have received.









Development Grant

Study Abroad Grant

3: Submit your Grant Report

Award & Grant Report

Within one month of your return from research travel, conference, creative endeavor or study abroad you are asked to submit a brief report to the Honors Program, including any plans for publication, performance, further research and/or other related activity.  Use this form below to report that.

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