Good Standing in Honors

Maintaining Good Standing in Honors

The five components of good standing in Honors are

  1. grades
  2. academic integrity
  3. student conduct,
  4. progress through Honors requirements
  5. Thesis project


A cumulative gpa of 3.4 (3.2 in Architecture) is required to remain in good standing.  If you drop below a 3.4, you will be given time to bring your gpa back up to good standing.

These are the circumstances under which you can be withdrawn from Honors because of grades:

  • If your cumulative gpa is below 3.4, and there have been three consecutive semesters in which your semester gpa is below 3.4, you will most likely be withdrawn from the Program.
  • If you reach your junior year and it becomes mathematically unlikely or impossible for you to return to good standing, you will be withdrawn from the Program.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity & Code of Student Conduct.  All Honors students sign a statement that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by the University’s academic integrity policy and student code of conduct. If we receive a report that you have violated the academic integrity policy, we will withdraw you from Honors. If we receive a report that you have violated the student code of conduct, we will follow the process outlined here.

Student Conduct

Participation in the Honors Program is contingent on a student’s good standing with the University Student Conduct System. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities will notify the Honors Program of students who have been found to violate the policy with a penalty of disciplinary probation or higher. The Honors Program will review only closed cases, after all appeals through the OSRR have been exhausted.


Honors students are expected to make steady progress through the Honors requirements.  While progress will vary among academic programs because of their very different course requirements, we will let you know if we are concerned about your lack of progress.  Continued lack of progress in fulfilling Honors requirements may be cause for being withdrawn from the Program.  Students who are not in good standing in Honors are no longer eligible for Early Registration, will not have access to Honors courses without special permission, and are not eligible for Honors funding. If you have any questions about your standing in the Program, please make an appointment with your Honors advisor.


The normal deadline for submitting an Honors Thesis proposal is November of junior year.  Students studying abroad or in other circumstances may receive an extension, but all Honors students must have an approved Thesis proposal no later than the end of the junior year to ensure there is sufficient time to carry out a high quality project.  Those without an approved Thesis proposal will not be allowed to continue as seniors in Honors.

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