Chart your Course through Honors

  Early in your Honors Experience Midway Through Later in your Honors Experience


"What am I doing?"
Articulate the motivations and passions that brought you to this place. Ask, "How am I changing now that I am here?" Ask, "How can I continue to build on my experiences as I stretch toward the next phase of my life?"


Practical Logistics
Understand all requirements, study abroad, experience an internship, identify mentors. Establish specific goals within your program/major and place them on a timeline. Identify organizations and job roles that fit your goals and values.


Seek out Options
Complete the liberal arts core; discuss options with instructors, advisors and senior students; go to departmental and school events, lectures, etc. Build an extensive support network; collect job postings and resumes of individuals you see as role models; talk to potential employers and programs to learn what qualifications and skills they expect so that you can plan to achieve them. Take upper level seminars and graduate classes in your areas of interest; read the work of your role models; nuture and grow your support network.


Executing the Plan
Complete civic engagement hours in areas of your interest; join student groups in your interest areas. Join professional associations; attend career panels and seek career mentors. Complete degree requirements; take a leadership role in ONE activity.


Next Step Strategies
Locate summer internships; update your resume. Focus and target your resume; meet with those who will write letters of recommendation. Apply to next stage of life opportunities such as jobs, professional schools, graduate programs, fellowships; schedule a mock interview.
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