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Civic Engagement
Collaborative Capacity
Command of Language
Global Awareness

The Honors Curriculum and Requirements are organized by the attributes we expect students to have demonstrated by completion of the Program. Those attributes are: breadth, collaborative capacity, global awareness, civic engagement, command of language, and depth. This section is designed to give you complete information about Honors Program requirements, including your options for fulfilling them. For requirements met through coursework, you must receive a “B” or higher in the course.

For a more in-depth look at all the different aspects of the Honors program, including what it looks like to fit the program in over four years, see our 'Charting Your Course Through Honors' section under our advising center pages.


Required Honors Courses (12credits minimum)

  • Orientation
  • Two courses with the HNR prefix (6 credits)
  • Two additional honors courses, either departmental honors or those with the HNR prefix (6 credits)
  • At least two academic divisions (social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences/mathematics) must be represented among the four honors courses used to complete this requirement
  • One interdisciplinary course (honors or non-honors)

Collaborative Capacity

• One collaborative course or experience

Global Awareness

• A global course and a global experience, at least one of which must be non-Eurocentric in focus

Civic Engagement

• A minimum of 50 hours of documented civic engagement experiences, over at least three semesters (summers can count as semesters)

Command of Language

  • One course including public presentation, or an approved public presentation experience
  • A written summary of your Honors Thesis Project
  • Presentation of your project on Thesis Presentation Day in late spring of your senior year


• An Honors Thesis Project in your major or majors