Annual Honors Program Civic Engagement Award

Who Is Eligible

Any first, second or third year student in the Syracuse University Honors Program is eligible to receive the Annual Honors Program Civic Engagement Award recognizing the civic engagement contributions of one individual over the course of an academic year. Award winners receive a certificate of recognition and an invitation to speak at the Honors dinner for incoming students the following year increase enthusiasm and motivation among new Honors students.

Nomination Process

Applications are due by midnight on April 1st. Anyone (including the student him or herself) can nominate a first, second or third year Honors student for the award. Nominations should be made online and must include a 500 word essay, describing the nominee’s civic engagement activities highlighting the selection criteria listed below. Please describe and reference civic engagement completed during the previous summer and fall semesters as well as service from the current spring semester (summer ’14, fall ’14 and spring ’15). Volunteer efforts outside this time range will not be judged.

Selection Process

The Honors Advisory board will review nominations and applicants and submit the top applicants to the selection committee which consists of the Assistant Director of Civic Engagement and Academic Advising, one faculty member, and one Honors student.

The committee will consider the following list of characteristics when selecting award recipients:

  • Community impact which creates a more positive outlook and sense of unity; contributes to the betterment of physical life conditions and the increase physical health of individuals; works to increase life resources of individuals as well as those within the community.
  • Sustainability and longevity of partnerships which increase the shared access of the university’s resources
  • Personal impact on nominee which may include a change in world view; increased commitment to involvement beyond time at SU; meaningful connection to career goals and life plans; purposeful reflection of nominee’s personal values.