English Conversation Program

The English Conversation Program consists of small groups of international students engaging in English conversations facilitated by native English speakers utilizing the ZOOM platform or meeting in person according to participants’ wishes. This is an hour per week for international students to improve their English language skills, which has shown to lead to increased academic success, while providing the group facilitator a chance to engage with the university’s international population. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, staff, and spouses. 

From one of our previous facilitators: “This opportunity has shown me how large and diverse the community of Syracuse University is. In the beginning this was no more than a way to check-off my civic engagement requirements while exploring an interest I have for teaching, however I quickly found how reciprocal this experience is for the participants as well as the leaders. School is hard. Seeing students elbow deep in work while still struggling with the language itself made me realize how easy I have it; I vowed to myself to do everything I can in my sessions to assist my fellow student.”

Please visit the Center for International Services website for registration: HERE