Serve with CLASS

As part of the Academic Integrity process and policy at Syracuse University, students serve on panels along with faculty and administrators to hear and decide cases involving Academic Integrity.  The Academic Integrity Office in coordination with all the schools/colleges is looking to train students who are interested in serving on panels as needed. 

Training is coordinated a few times per semester by The Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS), is held over Zoom, and only takes an hour of your time. When hearings occur, they require about 2 hours of your time the day of the hearing (depending on the case), plus about an hour of prep time to review case materials.  

Once you attend the training, you would then be put on the list and contacted by AI coordinators both in your home school/college and elsewhere on campus when student panelists are needed.  You need only accept to serve on a panel as it fits your schedule.  This is an opportunity that looks great on a resume, and as honors students, you can count your hours served towards your needed service hours.

Additional information on the AI policy and process can be found here:

Contact Emily Perkins at if you are interested.