Geek Art Confluence Needs Volunteers

On 3/27/2022, the 3rd annual Geek/Art CONfluence will take place as a hybrid event at SU and via Zoom.

The CONfluence is free and open to all. Details can be found here:

We have two main roles for which we will need volunteers, throughout the day:

  1. Zoom moderator: Watch over and monitor a Zoom stream for 2+ hours, help with any standard technical Zoom issues, and graciously “remove” anyone who is disruptive (which we all doubt will be the case). Also, answer any technical/general questions in the chat.
  2. Panel moderator: In-person or via Zoom. Quickly introduce the panelists and keep them on time (15 minutes per presenter). During the Q&A at the end of each panel, the moderator can ask the panelists questions, or pick people from the audience (with questions/comments), or pick questions/comments from the chat.

During any given hour, we’d have at least one of each of these two “jobs” actively happening for that hour. We need people to cover from 10am-6pm EST, in the two Zoom streams. The panel stream will run for the duration. The activities stream may be on and off. In other words, it’s possible the panel moderators would be “on duty” for only an hour, depending on interest during a particular scheduling block. As noted, there will be at least one panel moderator and one Zoom moderator at any given time. A complete schedule is forthcoming.

Please email Prof. Chris Wildrick by Friday, 3/11/2022: