Down on the Farm

Teresa in the barn with a mature cow ready for milking

Teresa Buzzoni (Max/PC 23) began working and volunteering at Middlebush Farms over five years ago when she began raising her own herd of Jersey cattle. “The Puskas family at Middlebush allowed me to pursue my passion of cattle husbandry by teaching me and allowing me to volunteer to practice my skills and gain experience. Middlebush Farms is the last working dairy in Somerset county. The experience has been invaluable, teaching me about the dairy industry, and how local communities can contribute to helping a farm survive.”

This experience allowed Teresa to volunteer with an establishment that has been disappearing across the United States. “We have seen fewer and fewer farmers able to compete as the market changes. Emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been essential for farms to continue working to maintain high food standards, and maintain community relations. I am glad to have been able to support the farm by helping milk cattle when possible, and supporting efforts to raise awareness for farming in my community.”