Sharing Her Home

Arts and Sciences student, Denise Magny ’22 has transitioned from secretary to vice-president and finally to president of the Haitian-American Student Association (HASA). “Through creating many social media campaigns and general body meetings,” Denise said, “I have shared and highlighted the rich culture and history of Haiti while also promoting the importance of diversity and unity on Syracuse University’s campus.

“Reflecting on my skills, weaknesses, and talents, I am happy with the work that I’ve put into HASA. As a freshman, I was extremely grateful that there was an organization on campus that felt like home. Knowing the potential of this organization and the richness of Haiti’s culture, I was committed to making this small club stronger. I can confidently say that HASA has grown! HASA has seen new heights by building community with other Carribbean organizations and providing a space for open dialogue for all minority students. Though this brings me the upmost joy, I know that the organization can flourish further with time and a dedicated team. By sharing and strengthening my passions and leadership skills, I have grown myself.
“Sharing my home with Syracuse University was truly fulfilling and powerful. Not only did my leadership and project-management skills strengthen, I was able to bring light to my community and relay the ideology that Haiti’s history is black history. This was fun!”