Can We Talk?

Amanda Paule ‘22 (third from right) served as an English conversation group leader, conducting weekly hour-long meetings with a group of five international students. “This was another civic experience that highlighted for me the enrichment and connection that can come from engaging with opportunities within my community,” Amanda said, ”especially those outside of my usual circles and comfort zone. I came into the experience not super familiar with the Chinese and Japanese cultures my group members were coming from, and it was truly a humbling and privileged experience to get to know and share in conversation with this group of SU students. While I was there as an ostensible leader and to help facilitate an environment where my group members could become more familiar with English, the group dynamic we created over the course of the semester was a great instance of reciprocal exchange among all of us and we ended the semester proud of the connections we had established.”

Watch the Honors Want Ads for information on how you too can participate in English conversation groups.