Designing for a Better World

For Dhvani Doshi ‘21, “The past few months were a lot about self-reflection and introspection. I spent time reading, and educating myself through various readings and anti-racism media not only for #BLM but also in preparation for facilitating the SEM100 course in Fall 2020. The recent events have made me realize the importance of sharing resources, initiating difficult but very important conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion as well as listening to the stories being shared.”

“As designers, our roles are that of representation and narration. My friend, Vasundhra Aggarwal and I, created a set of scale figures from images of black individuals in the ongoing protests to help fundraise for the #blacklivesmatter movement. We hope that artists, designers, and architects will use them in their works to share the stories of the people they wish to see in the places they imagine. The set of drawings was sold at $5+ as a donation to an organization of their choice, or to one of the 4 organizations we chose. We collected a total of about $800 that we donated to 4 different foundations and initiatives that support the black community.”