Contactless Food Drive

To curb the impacts of COVID-19 on the Syracuse community and support food-insecure students on campus, the New York Public Interest Research Group is hosting a contactless food drive. NYPIRG is the state’s largest student-directed voter empowerment, affordable higher education, environmental protection, and government reform organization, with chapters on college campuses throughout the state. NYPIRG will be dropping off paper bags on October 19th, 2020 for members of the community to fill with canned goods. With the intent to keep those around us safe, we will be wearing gloves, masks and maintaining proper social distance as we ask community members to leave the paper bags on their porch with non-perishable goods for pick-up on October 26th. All canned goods received will be distributed to various organizations in the community. If you would like to participate in this food drive for service hours, please contact Isabella Wilson: She can assist you in how to get involved directly if you live in a dorm or off campus.