Unconditional Love

Leslie Patton (’15 SH) is one of the lucky people who get to volunteer with Helping Hounds Dog Rescue. So many people want to be a part of this wonderful organization that it’s difficult to be chosen.

Volunteers like Leslie spend  hours cleaning dog cages, floors, and blankets at the rescue for the first 6 hours of service. After that, volunteers get to walk dogs weekly and help with the transport unloading of new dogs coming from Texas and Alabama. Volunteers are also needed at events that Helping Hounds attends, and they drive when dogs need to get to vet appointments.

Leslie with cutest dog kiss ever“As a dog lover,” said Leslie, “being involved with Helping Hounds has really made me have a new appreciation for Civic Engagement. Without the volunteers at Helping Hounds, the rescue would simply not be able to keep its doors open! Seeing so many dogs adopted out to wonderful families and starting new and better lives is truly such a rewarding experience. As I move on from SU I will always look for dog rescues of this type wherever I am to volunteer because they do so much good for the community and help dogs with tragic stories to lead new incredible lives!”

Spay, neuter and adopt. Spread the word!