The Honors Program is pleased to announce that Professor Patrick Berry is offering the first opportunity for an Honors contract course.  Not sure what those are?  Honors will allow students and faculty to engage in a “contract” that turns any course into an Honors course, and the course will count toward your Honors requirement. More details are here at our contract course page.

If you are interested in a contract course, you should contact the professor teaching the course directly to get started.

Professor Berry is offering WRT 340 as a possible Honors course. Details below.

The course is supported by an I-Learn grant and students gain experience on producing a publication from start to finish. The class ends with a launch party and the printed magazine.

Additional editorial work will be required to make the course count for Honors.

WRT 340: Advanced Editing Studio: (Intertext)
F 9:30-12:15 (MySlice # 32615, Section: M001)

What does it take to produce a publication from start to finish? In this course, we will explore publication processes: reviewing past issues of Intertext, analyzing audience, reading and selecting submissions, editing copy, finding and creating visual content, designing layouts, and developing supplemental editorial content. We will also explore production and manufacturing costs as well as issues pertaining to marketing, social media, promotion, and advertising. The ultimate goal is to create the 2020 issue of Intertext along with a supplemental Web-based component. (G&P)

Patrick W. Berry
Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric

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