Hanna Richardson - Associate Deputy Director

Hanna Richardson Hanna Richardson Hanna Richardson


The daughter of a foreign service officer, Hanna spent the first eight years of her life abroad, in Munich, Germany; Okinawa; and Suriname, South America. Her father retired in 1965 to Geneva, New York, where she lived until graduating from high school. She attended Bates College for two years, transferring to Middlebury College to pursue a major in German. During her Bates and her Middlebury years, she made trips to study in Germany, once to Grafing, outside of Munich, and once to Mainz. After many years of neglect, however, Hanna sadly reports that her use of German has been pretty much reduced to talking about the weather.

She has worked at SU for over 25 years, 12 of which were spent in the Whitman School of Management, working closely with students as Coordinator of Academic Services and then as Assistant Dean.

Another interest Hanna developed in college was for jazz singing which, happily, has not been neglected over the years. Hanna has recorded five CDs, and performed at many clubs and events throughout New York and in Blackpool, England, North and South Carolina, New Jersey, California, and Florida.

Hanna can be reached via email at hricha01@syr.edu.  You can also call the front desk at 443-2759 and request an appointment.