Meet your Honors Student Advisory Board!

Picture of Honors Advisory Board Gropu

Left to Right: Kelsey Scott (Freshman), Sarah Ahman Mehdi (Senior), Cassandra Cleary (Sophomore), Byron Dela Rosa (Senior), Ilona Toth (Sophomore), Katy Pieri (Senior) Not pictured: Tessa (Yuqing) Xie (Senior)

The role of the Board is to serve as a communication liaison between Honors students and Honors administrators. A major responsibility of the Board is to provide student input for a variety of decisions, from planning events to suggesting ideas for new classes. We are always looking for further input from the Honors student body and would appreciate any contributions or suggestions. One of our main goals this year is to create a stronger sense of connection within the Honors community. We hope to achieve this deeper bond by hosting socials, volunteer outings, and group building activities.