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Advice to Students

Set Apart from the Rest

Anthe Syleniau

Anthe Stylianou used Crown funding to complete her Capstone entitled Characterizing Pitx2 Tooth Morphology and Candidate Genes of Axenfeld- Rieger Syndrome in Zebrafish. Her research focused on Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome (ARS), which is classified as a rare autosomal dominant disorder that includes defects in the eyes, teeth and craniofacial design. Her first goal was to discover…

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Texture of Memory


The definition of memory is “the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained especially through associative mechanisms.” For her research, Amanda used the memory of the site of the Ghetto Nuovo to challenge the notion of memory as an individual’s recollection of a place, but rather the memory of…

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An Opportunity to Conduct Research that no one else is Doing

Greg Walsh

In his capstone project, A Compact Binary Coalescence Search for Gravitational Wave Counterparts to Fast Radio Burst Events, Greg Walsh used multi-messenger astronomy to probe an astrophysical event known as a Fast Radio Burst, an energetic, millisecond radio pulse of extragalactic origins. His project brought him to the forefront of the field of Physics, conducting…

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A Feeling of Accomplishment

Margaret McCoy

Margaret McCoy’s research project, Control of Meiotic Prophase One Progression in the Perinatal Mouse Ovary, focused on developing an in house method for analyzing meiotic prophase one. Margaret created a timeline of meiotic prophase one mice ages 17.5dpc to PND 4, and analyzed the effect estrogen deficiency and MEK inhibition have on meitoic prophase one…

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A Pyramid for the 21st Century

Max Kronauer

Maximilian Kronauer (Architecture ‘17) completed his capstone project entitled Charon’s Passage: A Pyramid for the 21st Century. Maximilian’s project focuses on the role cemeteries can play in modern day architecture. It postulates whether or not tombs and mausoleums can perform a social role in modern day life. Funding allowed Maximilian to explore cemeteries of Europe…

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Concrete, So Sweet!

Concrete, So Sweet! by: Anna Feldman Steven Carlson (SOA ’17) completed his Architecture Capstone under the advisement of Nicole McIntosh. Concrete, So Sweet! A Study in Sustainable Durability seeks to counter concrete’s perception as uninviting and environmentally irresponsible by highlighting its ability to create buildings that are playful and sustainable in their durability. The ambitions…

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Using Your Personal Story

Using Your Personal Story By Giovanna Saccoccio You might hear your professors say that your personal story is your best asset and needs to be integrated in your scholarship. Through her Capstone, Hasmik Djoulakian (AS ‘17) fully understood the weight and power of bringing poetry about her personal life into her academic analysis. Hasmik’s Capstone,…

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How could I start early?!

How could I start early?! As a freshman, the thought of completing a capstone project seemed like a far off concept that Emma Alscher (AS ’16) didn’t have to worry about for years. “However, college flies past you in the blink of an eye so it is never too early to begin planning your project. …

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Not a Burden but a Culminating Moment

Ashlee Newman (AS ‘15) worked with Prof. Jon Hanson to complete her Capstone in  political science entitled, Beyond State Boundaries: A Comparative Analysis between States on Domestic Violence. Her project seeks to answer the question of how policy across the United States impacts domestic violence. Ashlee’s research was sparked by personal tragedy which lead her to…

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Every position is ludicrous without evidence…

Chantelle Mendonsa  (AS ’15) completed her Capstone, Structural Impediments to Progress: Iran 2009 & 1979, in political science. Prof. Mehrzad Boroujerdi served as her advisor. Chantelle compared the methods and characteristics of both the 1979 and 2009 movements in Iran. According to the scholars Chenoweth and Stephan, the main factor for success is the quantity…

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