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Honors Classes for Spring 2020

We are excited to release our full schedule of Spring 2020 classes with some new additions and offerings. Check out some of our newer offerings below, and for the full schedule of Spring 2020 classes visit our separate Honors class website.

HNR 360: Africa & Global Warming: Lessons from Lake Chad

When Greta Thunberg stood before the General assembly of the…

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HNR 340: Living with Others

How do we live with others? (And who are “we”?)…

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HNR 350: Precision: History, Science, & Technology

Most of us take precision for granted. A replacement battery…

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HNR 230: MCAT Preparation

This is a 1-credit seminar designed to help students gain…

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HNR 340: Cine-Meta

Cine-Meta is a course both about the philosophy of film and creatively experiencing…

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HNR 220: Honors Leadership Seminar

In this course juniors and seniors will examine their own…

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HNR 340: Writing Your Way into Feminism

Whether through hashtag feminism movements like #MeToo, blogging/vlogging, investigative journalism,…

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HNR 360: Ethics of Emerging Technology

Technologies such as gene editing, self-driving cars and robots that…

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HNR 360: Critical Choices: Us Foreign Policy

US foreign policy is at a crossroads. Three decades after…

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IST 343: Data in Society (Honors)

In this section of IST 343 designed for Honors students,…

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HNR 340: Fantasy and Social Values

This course will critically examine how science-fiction and sci-fi/fantasy franchises…

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SOC 300: US Social Policy & Citizenship

How does access to various social policies, programs, and protections…

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Honors News

Exploring the Russian Soul

Apr 4, 2019

Honors students and faculty experience a “Cossack” meal at the Green Gate Inn in Camillus, New York as part of the learning experience in the course, “The Russian Soul in Post- Revolutionary Russian Literature. This course…

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Shatira Woods (2019) accepted in the American Sociological Association’s Honors Program

Apr 3, 2019

Shatira Woods (Sociology, Psychology and Neuroscience, 2019) has been been accepted into the 2019 American Sociological Association’s (ASA) Honors Program. As an ASA Honors student, Shatira will present her research at a round-table paper session in August at the…

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Arts Without Borders

Mar 19, 2019

Honors course, Arts Without Borders, exposes students to diverse forms of Art throughout the semester.  Here students visited the Everson Museum of Art to view the show “Female Artists over 60.” Students are pictured with Honors Deputy…

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And Justice for All…?

Mar 12, 2019

And Justice for All…?  “Cripping” the Comic Con 2019 Saturday, April 13, 2019 * 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Syracuse University – Schine Student Center Our sixth “Cripping” the Comic Con — “And Justice for…

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Alumni Brianna Collins and Kate Marolf share about work, creativity and finding your professional path

Mar 1, 2019

Honors alumni Brianna Collins (Communications Design, 2010) and Deputy Director, Creative Content, Education for the Council on Foreign Relations and Kate Marolf (Communications Design, 2010) and Senior Graphic Designer and Manager for the Gap, met…

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Spring Research Presentations at the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Feb 25, 2019

In Professor Rick Burton’s fall Honors’ Baseball in American Culture course, students conduct a semester-long research project on a topic of their choice. Students then have the option of submitting their work to the National Baseball…

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Film Screening: A Plastic Ocean

Feb 21, 2019

Honors senior Katie Munster (Applied Mathematics/Information Management & Technology) presents a screening of the film A Plastic Ocean with an overview of her Honors Thesis research “An Analysis of Citizen Science and its Effect on Marine Plastic…

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