Honors Courses and Seminars

Honors Courses engage material more quickly, broadly, and deeply than their non-Honors counterparts. They emphasize active participation, critical analysis, innovative thinking and independent judgment, and often explore topics through multiple disciplinary perspectives. Our instructors include many of the most distinguished teacher/scholars in the University. Most Honors courses incorporate significant writing assignments that provide detailed, critical feedback on your work; some of those assignments may require multiple drafts of a single paper, so you learn to hone your writing skills. Many also require presentations to help you become adept and comfortable at articulating your ideas to others.

Honors courses are often innovative or experimental courses that represent the faculty member’s original investigation of a topic. These innovative courses nonetheless count toward your degree requirements.

Honors courses may be taught as independent courses or as discussion/laboratory sections of a larger course. In each case, we expect students to learn from one another as well as from the instructor. Most courses carry three or four credits. Honors seminars also actively engage students in intellectual and creative discovery. The First-Year Honors Orientation Seminar helps students become successful members of the Syracuse University community. HNR 200 – level Seminars introduce students to various aspects of the wider community in the city of Syracuse and central New York. These Honors seminars are one credit hour.

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Syracuse University courses that fulfill Honors requirements

These are  courses (both Honors and non-Honors) that count towards Honors program requirements (with a grade of “B” or higher).

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