Off Campus Study

Off campus study is one of the many rites of passage students can opt for during college, but why does everyone talk about the transformational impact of a semester or two away? Educators use phrases like “training future global leaders,” “catalyst for increased maturity,” and “formation of lasting friendships and networks.” If you are interested in reading details about the many benefits of off campus study, look at this research.

It’s not always easy to travel to a new environment—you remember this from your first semester at SU—but stepping away from all that is familiar has benefits that outweigh reasons you may have to stay home. The academic, career and personal gains you are sure to experience from the thoughtful immersion in a culture beyond Syracuse will benefit you, and, in turn will have a positive influence on everyone connected to you—locally and globally.

How It Works: An Overview

          To Prepare:

  • Be sure to meet with an advisor in your home college now to ensure you are reserving the right courses to take abroad, so you’ll continue to make good progress on your requirements.
  • Consider whether you want to pursue the SU Abroad/Honors Course Substitution option (see below).  Your experience abroad can count as one of your required honors courses, if you complete all the required assignments (some of the assignments are due before you leave).
  • Start your timeline for Thesis Project early! Students studying off campus in the fall of their junior year should begin exploring Thesis Project topics and considering possible advisors at the end of the sophomore year and during the following summer. Students who will be off campus for the entire junior year are required to have a conversation in spring of sophomore year with Hanna Richardson about Honors requirements and with Kate Hanson about getting started on the Thesis Project while abroad.
  • To make your experience even more meaningful, read this essay to help you reflect on and articulate your reasons for studying abroad.

Off Campus Study Can Count Toward Honors Requirements

Off campus study helps you fulfill the Global Awareness requirement, and you can use it to count as one Honors course in your ‘Breadth’ requirement. This option does not involve actual course credit and does not appear on your academic record or transcript. The substitution is not required to have your study abroad count as part of your Global Awareness requirement.

            You Will Need

          Points to Remember

  • You need to have prior permission from the Honors Program.
  • You need to complete and submit your first essay before you leave the U.S. for your semester off campus.
  • You need to complete all the assignments in the course substitution packet.
  • The course substitution option may be used only once.