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Aboli Foundation

Saniya More (AS/PC ’19) went to India for 10 days and volunteered at the Temki Paada government school and also took part in the distribution of school supplies with the Sitel India company and Indian Development Fund organization.

Saniya had this to say about her service: “Continuing to develop my nonprofit, Aboli Foundation, has been an immensely rewarding and eye-opening experience. When I first began working with the Temki Paada school, it was hard for me to connect with the students at an extremely deep level because I had just met them. However, this time things were quite different, because all of the students remembered me and spoke to me without holding anything back.
Besides expanding work at the Temki Paada school, I also visited a few Adivasi (Indian indigenous communities) villages and got a chance to speak with locals about their lifestyle. This was an eye-opening experience, one which I am currently writing an article on for the Bangkok Post newspaper where I interned during the summer of 2017.”

Saniya surrounded by children