Thesis Project Update Guidelines

Be concise, while including all relevant information. The expected length is three to five pages (longer if you include appendices, drawings, etc.).

I. Title of your project

Head the description with your project title.

II. Introduction

In a paragraph or two, describe your work, its purpose, and any relevant context. This section is a reminder to readers who are familiar with your project, but also an introduction for any new readers.

III. Method

Briefly discuss your research and/or production methodology.

IV. References/Resources

Provide additional insight into the scope of your activities up to this point. You should include a list of materials, organizations, people, or other resources you have consulted or will consult. If you have a reference list for your project, include it here.

V. Work Completed

Describe where you are with your project. This section should be significantly more than a summary assurance that you have completed a sufficient amount of work.

State directly and exactly what you have done or partially done, and discuss and provide a rationale for any proposed changes of plan. Feel free to talk about what you are enjoying, and what challenges you face.

VI. Work to Be Completed

Describe in detail what you have yet to do and your plan for proceeding.

VII. Revised Time Line

Present a schedule of the work to be completed, with start and finish dates. Include all thesis, revising, and advising deadlines, as well as any relevant performance and/or exhibition dates (these may be tentative). More detail here will help you stay on course.

VIII. Conclusion

In a few lines, evaluate your progress.

Please Note:

Supporting graduate or advanced upper-division coursework: we strongly recommend you select appropriate graduate or upper-division courses in your major that will support your Thesis Project; graduate courses in particular can guide you through much of your research.

Work with your Thesis Advisor to select appropriate courses.

If you would like assistance in completing this form, or would like guidance in thinking more broadly about your Thesis Project, the Honors Program Advising staff is available to help you.

Look your coordinator up in Orange Success to make an appointment.