8Turning in your Capstone

There are two Capstone Turn In Days:

April 26: To be considered for a prize (April 19 editing deadline)

The "Best Capstone of the Year" in Humanities, Social Science, Science/Engineer, Professional Schools, and "Creative" categories each receive a $500 prize. One of those will be selected for the Orlin Prize for "Oustanding Capstone of the Year" and will receive an additional $1,000. Why not submit yours? All (and only) Capstones submitted by April 26 are eligible.

May 9: Final Deadline for all remaining Capstones (May 2 editing deadline)

The Turn in process takes about 5 minutes in an Honors advisor's office.

Here is what you'll need to turn in:

I. The written portion of your Capstone Project:

  • One printed, unbound copy of the written portion of the Capstone Project in its final form.
  • Title page signed by your Advisor and Honors Reader:  Download the title page template here (Word download; the Honors director signs it after you turn it in.)
  • An electronic version of your written Capstone text in Microsoft Word (not PDF - unless you are in ARC, MAG, I&ID, or have special permission).

We’ve created a “template” for you that contains the various sections (Abstract, Table of Contents, etc.), with the correct margins, and will allow you to “paste” in your project. You can download the template here.

3. Additional Materials: Required formats for media:

  • Magazine or book projects: in addition to the physical magazine or book itself, please provide electronic copies of layouts of magazines etc...in PDF format.
  • Photos and Graphics: please provide your original high resolution images in any of the following formats: jpg, gif, png or any format that is accessible to Adobe CS.
  • Videos: submit a data DVD in a format that we can upload to our web archive on Vimeo. Your DVD must also be viewable on commonly used software such as VLC, MediaPlayer, or Quicktime on a PC. Please test your media on a Windows 7 PC to be sure this is the case before you turn it in.
  • Audio: please submit a CD (MP3 files preferred).

In those instances in which a Project cannot be physically submitted (e.g. an art exhibit or website link), you should submit the text portion of your Capstone and indicate where it can be viewed.

You may also host large files on a Dropbox or Google drive link. Just let the Honors advisor doing your turn in know where to find the materials.