Tools for Research & Writing Your Thesis

We’ve put together some resources for when you really get down to working on your Thesis, doing the bulk of your research and writing.

Research Subject Guides:

Abby Kasowitz ScheerAbby Kasowitz-Scheer is the Honors reference librarian. She has helped many Thesis authors find professional journals full of useful content as well as examples of the formats professional writing in your subject area.

Most research topics exist within a complex web of knowledge. Abby can help you follow the most significant strands connected to your primary topic. If you don't know what books and journals in other academic fields might be of use to you, Abby will help you track them down. During the collection phase of your Thesis journey, Abby is an invaluable member of your support team!
Go to the SU Library Subject Guide for Honors Students

Getting Writing Help:

One of the crucial skills you will learn while writing your Thesis is how to be a better writer. The strategies you have used thus far to complete essays and term papers are likely to fail you in a project of this length. Emily Luther has worked with countless students to refine and strengthen their writing skills. Visit her early and often. Learn more here.

Formatting Template:

We’ve created a template to help you format the written portion of your Thesis. Download the Word document here...

Style Guide:

Our style guide will walk you through the ‘rules of the road’ for the written portion of your Thesis. For each section of your paper, there are precise formatting instructions: Open Styleguide...

Thesis Liaisons:

Here is a list of departmental liaisons who can help you explore possible Thesis topics and suggest possible Thesis Advisors. Access the list here...

Honors Thesis Coordinators:

We want you to succeed with your Thesis project. Once your junior year begins, we assign each of you to a 'Thesis Coordinator' who will be your 'go to' person in Honors. This person will handle your Thesis questions, help you with topic research, and yes, send you email reminders to keep you on track. Go there now...