Why an editing process?

In order to strengthen the quality of writing in students’ Capstone projects, Honors requires that you submit your completed project to an editor for review.

Deadlines, and what can I expect?

  • You should submit your Capstone for editing by April 19th (for prize eligible turn-in deadline of April 26th)
  • You should submit your Capstone for editing by May 2nd (for final turn-in deadline of May 9th)
  • Editors will respond to students within a few days with one of the following messages:
    • Your Capstone is ready to submit
    • Your Capstone needs some editing before you can submit it (a list will be included)
    • Your Capstone is not ready for submission. You need to make an appointment with an editor.

Please be sure that you are simultaneously meeting the deadlines you’ve agreed upon with your faculty Advisor and Reader so that they receive your final drafts with sufficient time to offer feedback and approval in advance of turn-in.

Ready? Here’s the form to submit your Capstone: